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Our History

I have been in the construction and home improvement business for over 20 years. In 2016, I saw the need for Radon Mitigation in North Central Iowa. Since that time I have moved to full time Radon Mitigation.

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My Philosophy

believe in doing the best I can at every home I mitigate. I treat each home as if I were working on my own. I do not believe in "Cookie Cutter" Radon systems. Each home is unique, so each Mitigation system must be unique. I will not give an estimate over the phone, as it is not fair to the customer to do so. Regulations require a Radon Mitigator to bring the Radon levels in your home to below 4 PiCl. I bring them as low as I can, there is NO Safe level of Radon. I know I am not always the lowest cost, but I will be the best quality. 

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