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Your North Iowa Radon Mitigation Specialist

We service all of North Iowa

Radon is what we do. 

  • 80% Homes in Iowa have elevated levels of Radon 

  • Radon is colorless and odorless

  • In most cases Radon can easily be mitigated from your home

  • We are the most referred by Real Estate professionals in North Iowa

  • Radon mitigation protects your families health

  • Systems increase the value of your home

  • Most systems installed in 1 day

  • All systems have a 2 year installation and operation warranty

  • Radon fans come with a 5 year warranty

Building a new home or completing a renovation?

We can design and install a system during construction

We will work with your builder, saving money on the system

Installing a Radon mitigation system will greatly improve the overall quality of the air in your home.

Not only will it reduce Radon levels, but also improve basement air quality by lowering humidity and other gasses that enter your house.

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