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Radon FAQ's

Q- Could I have elevated Radon levels in my home?


A- Radon is very prevalent in Iowa. 8 out of 10 homes have elevated levels.


Q- What is Radon?


A- Radon is a radioactive gas that is found in the soil. It enters confined spaces such as basements and crawlspaces. As the Radon breaks down, the particles released are breathed into the lungs, with long term exposure to Radon levels exceeding 4.0 pCi/L increasing the probability of lung cancer. 

Q- How do I get rid of Radon?


A- Radon can be mitigated rather easily from living spaces. Using a specialized fan, the Radon gas is drawn from underneath the home and vented through PVC piping above the roofline into the outside air, where it is dispersed harmlessly. 

Q- Who can install Radon mitigation systems?

A- To install Radon systems in Iowa, the person installing the system MUST be trained and licensed through the State of Iowa. 

Q- Is it expensive to mitigate Radon?

A- The cost to mitigate Radon is similar to other home improvement project costs. Most systems average between $1300 to $3000, depending on the home.

Q- I have elevated levels of Radon, where do I go from here?

A- Give us a call, we will come to your home and do a visual inspection. We will measure and diagram your basement or crawlspace and design a system that best fits your home. Estimates are free.

Q- How do I educate myself more on Radon?

A- You can click on the Radon Links below.


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Consumers guide to Radon Reduction

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